The Podcast Opera Company is an innovative organization merging the art forms of music and podcasting. Through our process, we are creating a brand-new form of artistic storytelling. Imagine combining the ease of listening to a podcast with the emotional depth and beauty of the opera. Then add the stories you care about most, and you get PoCo’s vision. All you need are some headphones and an open mind – press play and join our community of musical storytellers.

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We are devoted to providing a free service and making the arts accessible to everyone. Also, we are committed to paying artists a fair wage for their work and expertise, and in order to do this we need your help!

The POCO Podcast: Season One

Season One episodes are available now wherever you get your podcasts!

We are excited to present our first season, based on community. We are delving in to the details of what community means to us, what communities should be, and what happens when communities come under stress.

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The Podcast Opera Company - POCO Podcast Season One

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