Our Mission

Everywhere you look, there are stories: in songs and shows, in the news and books, on TV and the radio. But all stories start with everyday people. They come from our everyday lives. And everyone deserves to tell their story. POCO aims to connect people to tell their stories, in whatever way they can. 

Our Story

It all starts with an idea. Ideas are the stories we tell ourselves – they come from inside us, shaped by our thoughts and desires, our beliefs and values. Communities come together to share ideas. We learn from exchanging ideas, broadening our minds, and experiencing new things. 

We develop our ideas in different ways, through words, music, sounds, and more. In doing so, we craft our ideas into stories. Stories give ideas meaning and life, allowing them to live on outside of ourselves. At POCO, we believe that the more ideas and stories we can bring together, the more we can all learn. And the more we learn, the more understanding we become about ourselves and the world around us.

Our Process

At POCO, we have created a process to maximize the interconnection of these ideas in an authentic and organic way. We source our stories right from the community – your stories. Each story gets developed by a diverse creative team chosen specifically for each production. A librettist and composer work together to create original words and music. Performers record themselves from wherever they are, adding their own personalities and inspiration. Then, all of these recordings are pulled together by skilled sound designers and producers, who invent a world around the music. But that’s not all – the creative boundaries are endless. At every step, Podcast Operas become more than just a podcast, and more than just an opera. 

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