Friends House (Part Two) – Game Night and Gardening

Join our friends for game night and gardening – but as with any family, it’s not all fun and games. Listen in as they bicker over which game to play, then battle for world domination. Sam shares her vision for the future of the house, and David confides in Thomas. This episode also features clips from an interview with Jacqie McKenzie, a photographer and co-housing enthusiast!

Our collaborators for this episode were:Erik Grendahl, Claire Galloway, Joshua Scheid, Steve Crino, Henry Hubbard, Lexington Bowler, and Geoff Devine.

POCO Podcast Season One

Our inaugural season focuses on the core of who we are as a company—community. We believe our value comes from sharing our unique stories, and listening to you share yours. Community is formed from people connecting and listening, we hope you will join our community and connect with us. 

Explore the intricacies of community this season with PoCo.

Connection is one of the most precious of human experiences. Wherever we are in the world or life, we are seeking out and becoming part of communities all the time. These basic human experiences can become some of the most poignant, heartbreaking, and relatable stories. What happens when communities fracture? What happens to an individual who withdraws from community? What happens when the community we joined—whether by choice or chance—does not represent who we truly are? 

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